Can't point nameservers to DH

A client I just picked up has a domain registered through, but I can’t find on their website where to change the nameservers to point to Dreamhost so I can host the site. I emailed their support 3 days ago, but no responses yet.

Anyone know what I can do here?

Here’s a link to their FAQ. I’m not a customer there, so I can’t test this:


Hi, Scott–

Thanks for the reply. I tried the method that the FAQ laid out, deleting the 4 nameservers and adding NS1, NS2, NS3 dreamhost nameservers, but got the following message:

A domain name must use our NS1.NAME.COM, NS2.NAME.COM, NS3.NAME.COM, and NS4.NAME.COM name servers in order for DNS Management to function.
Record Type Record Host Record Answer TTL Priority (MX only) Create Date
You do not currently have any DNS records for

This domain is not properly configured to use DNS management. DNS Management will only work if the domain is using our name servers (NS1.NAME.COM, NS2.NAME.COM, NS3.NAME.COM, and NS4.NAME.COM).


There was no place to put the IP address (, etc.) though. But, I’ll give it a couple of days to see if it works.