Can't map a drive to WebDAV

After upgrading to XP SP2, I can’t map a drive to webdav directory on dreamhost. It keeps asking me for login and password, but would not establish a connection. I can, though, connect via browser, no problems. Any one else encounter a similar problem?

Yes, I am having the exact same problem on an XP box I just updated to SP2. Having a strong suspicion that SP2 + WebDAV aren’t a good combination…

This definitely seems to be a general issue (i.e. not just Dreamhost):

The 2nd site has a .reg patch that they claim will re-enable WebDAV on SP2 machines. I’m not downloading random registry patches, but if anyone is into that sort of thing… knock yerself out, I guess :slight_smile:

Aha! found the official word from MS:

They’ve tweaked the WebDAV redirector to disallow the use of HTTP Basic authentication by default. You can re-enable it, but doing so requires some minor registry changes.

This means that ANY DH client who is using WebDAV and upgrades to SP2 will find themselves locked out of their WebDAV directories until they make the reg change (or until DH switches to a stronger authentication mechanism than HTTP-Auth Basic, if that’s possible). Probably not a huge deal, but worth noting on the WebDAV page in the control panel at minimum…

Same problem with WinXP SP2 and WebDAV…has anyone been able to resolve this issue?