Can't logon

I registered a web site Sunday night but till now haven’t get any email from DreamHost.
How long does it take for the web to get activated?

I tried to log on with my registered pwd and it doesn’t work. Can someone help on this?

You tried ?

Ask for a new password if you have problem.
Creating a webID is instant.

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I tried it the whole yesterday. Doesn’t work.

The website is up, though empty… so I’d say the account has been activated.

If you didn’t get any info from Dreamhost (check junk folders and make sure you’re not blocking them), then I’d contact support and see what’s going on. We’re just customers here.

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It is also possible that your provided email is mis-spelled or so. If you used promo code here you might PM the one you used promo code and tell him/her when you register and what is your surname name and last name. He might able to help you check your login name because login name is usually lastname’s first 3 char + lastname first 3 char + a serial number (John White => johwhi or johwhi1 or johwhi2 or so). He may check what number you get.

You can also contact support, maybe forwarding your paypal/google checkout receipt for their verification.

Wish you can solve the problem soom.

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