Can't login to Wordpress

I use Wordpress to host around 5 sites.

In the past week or so I’ve noticed two things happen:

  1. I stopped getting spam on my Wordspress sites - yay!

  2. I can’t login to any of my Wordpress sites. I cant even get to the login page as a matter of fact.

Here’s a site I’m working on:

To login, I go to the following page:

But when I try to go the above page I get the following error:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_LNUMBER in /home/daygameadam/ on line 402”

Any ideas on why this might be happening and how I can overcome it and login into my Wordpress sites (hosted by Dreamhost)?

Can you ftp/sftp into your site and have a look at the file (wp-login.php) on line 402 and maybe post some lines of code above and below it? Sounds like something is amiss on that file. Did you run an update recently?

I’ve never used FTP/SFTP to access my sites. I did a 1 click install through Dreamhost and then just logged into the sites from a web browser.

I’ve never run an update but I think Wordpress does them automatically sometimes.

Shall I still try to access it via FTP and see what happens?

If it is not too difficult for you, it might be helpful in figuring out what is going on. Always a good thing to know how to do anyway in case you ever want to edit any files directly.

The wp-login file will be the same for everyone running wordpress, so you could just download a fresh copy of wordpress from and replace the wp-login.php file on your sever with the one inside the zip you download.

unless Dreamhost has some special edits on their “DreamPress” install. Ipstenu would know…

We don’t have special edits. We never edit core! That would be very bad :smiley:

Your wp-login.php doesn’t match (which should be the version you have).

You also have some odd content in your index.php


          echo "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          <script type=\"text/javascript\" language=\"javascript\" >                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          <html><head><title>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable</title></head><body bgcolor=\"white\"><center><h1>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable</h1></center><hr><center>nginx</center></body></html></script>";


You should manually delete the WP Core files and reinstall them, sort of treat it like a possible hack. I’d also open a ticket with us to ask for a hacked site scan, just to be sure.

[quote=“Ipstenu-DH, post:5, topic:60296”]
You should manually delete the WP Core files and reinstall them, sort of treat it like a possible hack.[/quote]

Thanks so much for your help!

Can you please explain exactly how to do this? I would appreciate it greatly if so! :slight_smile:

Please help, how do I manually delete the WP Core files and resinstall them?

EDIT: I reinstalled it now!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sorry I missed that! I was out for the weekend. has directions on how to clean up hacks. It’s pretty much the same :slight_smile: