Can't login to Wordpress Site from Computer

Hi and Happy New Year! I set up a wordpress site this evening with DreamHost and went to the login page, but can’t login from my PC! It comes back with and ‘Error’ message. I tried resetting the password, but wordpress never emailed it.

HOWEVER, after 4 hours of this I tried to login from my iPhone and WAS SUCCESSFUL! It takes me straight to the dashboard. I’m thinking this is good news since it proves there isn’t some strange glitch, but I STILL CANNOT login to my site from my PC.

Does anyone have answers? Suggestions? I am new to this and appreciate any help. Thank you.

Clear your browser cache and try again, good luck!

You didn’t really say what the error was. Telling us which error you are getting tells us which advice to give you.

Is this a new domain? If so I expect you are waiting on DNS propagation which is why it works via one device and not the other.

Please let us know if this is resolved now, and if it’s not then tell use SPECIFICALLY what error you are seeing.

DNS seems unlikely if, via PC, jjbee was able to reset passwords. Though LakeRat’s right, what’s the error? :slight_smile: