Can't login to SSH


Tried to login using SSH thru Putty but it says only for FTP or
something then it exits. I already enabled SSH/Telnet access from my
webpanel though. I need shell access because I’m going to uploag a
10MB SQL file to mysqldatabase. Its impossible to upload it using
Phpmyadmin. It takes forever and it times out.

How do I login now?

connect to
and enter your password when asked

Are you sure that you have enabled your user to use telnet? I create a seperate user for ftp and shell just to make sure their access privs don’t cross for some reason. If you’ve just enabled SSH on your user, you will have to wait an hour or two for it to be active.

Change the user to a shell user by editing it from the web panel, then wait a little for things to update on the machine.