Can't login to ControlPanel to submit issue to fix hosting


The primary e-mail account I’ve used to setup my dreamhost account no longer works, and don’t remember the password to dreamhost. I cannot reset the password nor log into the account to attempt to fix it.

How do I resolve this without any ability to call or live chat with Dreamhost?

It is urgent because my website is current down.

Thank you in advance,



You can contact DreamHost Support using the web form at:

Use the “I’ve forgotten my password!” option on the form for this issue, and we’ll get back to you to confirm your ownership of the account.


I have done this three times now and no response to the e-mail address or phone number I type into the message. The primary e-mail associated with the account (and known by your automated system) doesn’t work any longer. I can’t login into dreamhost to change the MX Record to make it work, so I’m stuck.