Can't login ftp server

i can’t login ftp server, should be password problems, i don’t know why, i definitely input the right name and password, and i try to create other users to test, also can’t log in.

pls do me a favor,
my account: jackyzuo


This is a “customer-to-customer” forum, and there are no DH staff here most of the time. If there is a problem with your ftp server login, you should Contact Support through the Dreamhost Control Panel.

If you want to “verify” that the problem is not related to your ftp client, you might try the Dreamhost Net2FTP web-based ftp client, and see if you can log in there.

If you can log in via the web-based client, you may be having configuration/set-up problems with your ftp client. Good Luck!


Please do not post identical requests for help in mutiple forums - “Multiple Posting” is rude, and makes it hard to help you.