Can't log into WP



Yeah, I seem to be having trouble logging in, everytime I try I just get wrong username/password combo message thrown back at me. I had my password emailed to me, and it was the same as what I was using. I’ve tried logging in with my email, FTP username, WP username, same results everytime. Although, my FTP still works, and the automater sent my password back, so it can’t be gone or something. Any ideas on what the problem is?


Why not install Wordpress again and get the new username and password? :slight_smile:


That can be a very frustrating situation. Please don’t be angry, or insulted, if I suggest the most obvious:

Check, and “double check” the condition of your capslock key.

I’m not trying to be condescending here; 95% of such problems with my users result from haviing inadvertantly/accidentally hitting the caplock and not realizing it.

I’ve been doing this stuff for years, and did this to myself just days ago…locked myself out and thought I had "big trouble’ till I finally checked that :slight_smile:



Sorry, should have clarified, WP = Web Panel.


well, the case sensitivity thing still applies. If you still can’t get in, you should contact support. You can send an E-mail to from the E-mail address you have recieved replies from support from before. It will then get entered into the system - you’ll get a message that it’s in their que.



You sure it’s not complaining about cookies? It looks like a username/password rejection, but there’s a tiny message above the login that may mention cookies.

By the way, we call the WP the Control Panel.



I found this page which may be useful.