Can't log into webftp

Ever since my account was migrated to a new server, I haven’t been able to log into my webftp. I submitted a support ticket, but haven’t heard back yet. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Can you SSH in with a terminal session? Try accessing the dreamhost name and not your site name (like

actually my thought is opposite. If you are using change to your domain name. You might be using the old servername.

I tried plus my log in credentials and plus my log in credentials a ton of times & then I changed the password and tried again about 50 times and it finally logged me in. Guess it was a bad password.

As an FYI to the site creators, I think part of the problem was the error message saying “user does not exist” which made me think the account migration was the source of the problem. Maybe the language should be changed to reflect a bad password instead.