Can't log into Google Apps email

I’ve just transferred my Dreamhost mail to Gmail via the Dreamhost control panel. Set up a Google Apps account, Docs and other apps work fine with it. (it’s actually my second Google account where the name is verified, more on that later*),

However, when I try to access my mail at I am redirected to a sign-up for gmail screen (attached image). Any ideas? I have all my mx records set up correctly. Image below of what I’m redirected to,

*the domain is also verified by my main Google account (Google account #1) which I did awhile back for access to Webmaster Tools. But from account #1 I added the Google Apps account (Google account #2) to the list of verified owners. Don’t know if that’s relevant.

Thanks in advance

PS currently switched back to regular Dreamhost mail so I can actually recieve emails still until I figure out what’s wrong

When I try to load your first link (, I get a message from Google that says:

Are you sure you’ve registered the domain for Google Apps?

Yep, positive.

also, what should my mail link be?

The link I posted was, which goes to a Gmail sign up.
Typing it without the http:// like you did results in the “Sorry, you’ve reached a login page for a domain that isn’t using Google Apps. Please check the web address and try again. Learn more” message.

Neither of them the desired result, either way : /

Also, I notice that Dreamhost’s wiki says that the mailbox URL should be “”, however Google Apps gives the format as “” in its Dashboard. Though neither of these work for me; gives a Google 404, and goes to the sign up for Gmail screen I posted the pic of earlier.

The other thing is I bought my domain from another registrar but the site and mail is hosted with DreamHost, is this relevant?

Signing out of multiple log in on all my Google accounts fixed it :slight_smile: