Can't log in to wordpress


Since updating wordpress, I can’t log in to wordpress (“page not found”) and CSS formatting has disappeared from my site.

Unfortunately I can’t log into ftp either. I am assuming this is because my password reset hasn’t taken hold yet?

I’m very new to this and not sure how to approach the wordpress problem anyway… would appreciate any suggestions (either for now or after the ftp issue is fixed, assuming again that the ftp thing is just a matter of waiting).

Have you ran the script to update the databases? How did you update wordpress? Have you tried a different web browser?

Thanks for replying, smkatz.

I did do the database update thing in dreamhost, and it said that it had already been updated. I updated wordpress by hitting an update button in the wordpress dashboard. Have tried in Firefox and Chrome.

Now I have ftp access, and I saw that the old version had everything inside a “wordpress” folder inside of the domain name folder, while the new version had everything directly in the domain name folder. (My login page points to []/wordpress/wp-login.php).

I made a wordpress directory and moved everything there. Now it finds the login page, but I guess something is wrong with where things are pointing (?) The CSS is still missing, and when I go to, I get an “Index of” page instead of the usual homepage.