Can't log in to Stats on one domain

I have 4 domains under 1 account and they all have the same User and Password for logging in to the Stats area of each domain (I am the only User)

For some reason, I am unable to log into just ONE of the domain’s Stats areas. I’ve tried resetting the password, adding another username and password, nothing seems to “take”

I have tried using an entirely different browser as well in case the cache was wacked, but it did not work in Firefox either (usually I use Safari with no issues)

I have no trouble logging in to the other domain’s Stats area, what could be wrong?

thanks, I read that part (actually it says 15 minutes…) but I waited a couple of hours, still nothing.

its odd that the original username and password USED to work.

contact support it is.

and now it has been “magically” fixed!

thank you mysterious dreamhost helper!