Can't log in to see my email, complicated

My boyfriend hosted my email on his dreamhost account, and also bought the domain name for me. We broke up last year. He agreed, and did, transfer the domain name to me. I totally forgot about the email, because there was never any interruption in receiving emails, that is, until a few weeks ago. I can’t login to the account. It’s says username or password is incorrect. I am using the only password it ever had. I checked, and sent an email to myself there from a different email address and it didn’t bounce back. I also tried using that email address where the domain currently resides, on GoDaddy. Nada. On MailChimp. Nada.

I contact the ex bf, and he says there’s nothing left at dreamhost. So he’s not about to help me recover this account. At one point, I did get an error message that I should have done a screenshot, but didn’t think to. I’m that message, near there bottom, it said dreamhost expires (month I forget)!2023. So the email exists, I just can’t get to it. I wrote to dreamhost support but since I’m not a customer, I guess they won’t help, because no reply.

So, where is my best shot to get help to access them email that “matches” my domain name? Dreamhost, GoDaddy, or MailChimp? Or somewhere I haven’t thought of? My website is under construction at; the email address I’m trying to recover is

Thanks to anyone who can she’d dinner light on this for me.

That domain is registered at GoDaddy, and it looks like the Name-Server (NS) record points to SquareSpace. Maybe the domains web/email hosting was moved to SquareSpace?

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