Can't log in to email

I just created an account with DH and I’m having trouble signing in to my email. When I try to log in to Squirrel mail, I get this error: Unknown user or password incorrect. I am using the username/password that I have set in Mail>Manage Email>Email Addresses in the panel.

I followed the guide on the wiki for setting up Thunderbird, but when I try to log in through Thunderbird, I get a login failed error.

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Did you just set up your domain as well?
Sometimes it just takes some time for things to settle down with brand new settings. If it’s a brand new domain, I don’t panic until 2 or 3 days go by.


yep, its only been a day
guess I’ll just have to wait

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My domain’s been setup for months, and I can login via (not my real domain), but I can’t login via my Treo650’s Versamail app. I get a login error.

My Versamail settings use as both the IMAP and SMTP server addresses, and I use the default ports. I’m using “Other” as the Mail Service setting and IMAP as the protocol.

Has anyone had success with DH IMAP and Versamail? I couldn’t find any posts here about Versamail.

Not sure if this will help, but from a Treo700W (I know, you asked about VersaMail, and this uses Pocket Outlook), I had to put the entire e-mail address - - for the user name. In addition, I have checked “Outgoing mail requires authentication”. On one account, I checked to use SSL, on another I didn’t, but both can send and receive e-mail on those accounts, using IMAP. I just can’t seem to delete mail - if I delete it from the handheld, it just gets downloaded again the next time I run a mail check.

I thought I had it working with versamail but got frustrated with the inconsistent performance. I upgraded to ChatterEmail on my 650 and it’s been a dream using IMAP ever since. My clients even play nice. If I delete it one place it deletes from another.


Yes, that solved it…for username, use, not just userid.

btw, this fixed the problem not just for Dreamhost mail but also for an AOL “MyEAddress” acct.