Can't Log In to Dreamhost


I need to get into my account tonight but cannot. I’ve double checked my user name and password, tried different combinations (such as using my email address as my username), etc., but it won’t let me in. I’ve also checked to see that I have cookies enabled–I do. In fact, I can see that there is a Dreamhost cookie already set on my computer. I’ve emailed support but was hoping I might get some quicker advice here. Thanks.
– Steve


Are you using Firefox? I had a similar problem with Firefox after a recent update, clearing my browser cache and deleting existing cookies seemed to rectify the problem for me.


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You only need to clear your cookies and you have to clear all of them. Just deleting the one from dreamhost isn’t sufficient.


I fail to see how other cookies could have any effect on this, perhaps you didn’t catch both of the cookies set by and