Can't Log In - Doesn't recognize my email

So I left godaddy and moved my domain to DH. It was sort of a pain b/c godaddy initially blocked the transfer. I got that cleared up and then lost my job. I’ve been dealing with that headache and not concentrating on on my domain until today. I went to log in and it didn’t recognize my password. I tried again and still nothing. I tried ‘forgot my password’ and it says it doesn’t recognize my email address. That’s funny b/c I have an email from DH in regards to the transfer. WHOIS verifies that DH has my domain, but I can’t get access to it. There’s no phone number to call and I can’t log in to get support.

Any ideas???

Contact support using the form at , and make sure to give them enough specific information for them to be able to locate your account.