Can't load due to "." in my server path

I am trying to install EZ-IPN Subscription Manager. I am using a sub-domain so my host name looks like
The dots “.” in my server path is causing problems in the setup script writting the correct path to the files. Does anyone know a way around this…or even know what i am talking about ? Thanks
This sub domain is just a dev site and i will be loading to my main site in a couple of months, but i anticipate the same problem since the host name will be


if you go to your domain manager:

you can just set up a directory without dots in it if you edit the hosting for the specific sub domain

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ok. but, what about the local hostname…any suggestions there?

thanks…most appreciated.


I take it it doesn’t like the /home/.something/username bit. The only thing I can suggest is ensuring you leave out the .something bit when you put in the path. Its not actually essential.

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As monkeyboy7706 pointed out, the “.something” that is part of the path “above” you user is not necessary. I’d only add to that by saying that not only is it not necessary, but it really should not be used in paths included in a script, as that “dataglob” is subject to change by DreamHost.

If you do include it, and it works (as it will with many scripts), you could be surprised when the script suddenly quits working because DreamHost changes it on you. :wink:


Please remove your real hostname and database name immediately first.

No you are not supposed to change that. This hostname must be same as the one you created in DH panel. Unfortunately your script can’t read the dot. I don’t think you can change the MySQL hostname. It must be something like

If I were you, I would look into the script and tried to modified the script to recognize dot.

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Well, that would get rid of the “dots”, but I don’t really think that would solve then problem, and shouldn’t be necessary. If the script really can’t handle “.” in a path, then I’d get in contact with the script author and get that addressed. :wink:

[quote]my db name is membership
localhost is (am i supposed to change this to…i don’t know how)[/quote]
As Patricktan pointed out, you probably shouldn’t publish that information. That said, you should not need to change your host name - it is in commonly acceptable form as it is.

[quote]i reran script and this is the error message…

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host ‘membershipdevneighborhoodschoolsnet’ (1) in /home/.fay/chunky/devneighborhoodschoolsnet/members/config.php on line 3 … (etc)[/quote]
That obviously made it worse; when yousay you “reran the script” did you “re-install it”, or rerun the install script, or just rerun the main script itself? If you changed the path, and the host info, you would need to either reinstall the script or change the appropriate configuration files.

If it were me, I’d “clear everything out” and start over.


well the software came with a number of files…including a php setup script…the files are placed in the main web dir. once you upload the files, you point your browser to the php script and then you fill out some info such as db name, localhost and then you submit.


I see. That sounds like an install routine. Possibly the script checks for the presence of a valid config file and, if it finds it it runs the script, but if it doesn’t, it goes into an install routine. This is a pretty common way of doing this.

Maybe if you review the instructions carefully you will find that if you delete (or rename) whatever file the application is using as the configuration file (to store that data you have to enter - db, hostname, etc.), when you run the script the install routine will run again?


yes, if i delete the db. if i don’t it say table already exists…thank you for your input and suggestions…i am going to work on it tonight…


You are welcome, and Good Luck tonight! :slight_smile: