Can't link to images :(

I have just bought the domain and I tried uploading the whole thing, but I cant link to images! Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks very much,

The folder appears to be empty. When you uploaded, you probably saw a Maildir, logs, and directory. Your website content needs to be in that directory.


yeah I deleted everything ill upload it again to show you.

what do you mean you deleted everything?

one of the images on your site is linked to:

that link does not exist, nor does the directory called “Layout_1” OR the directory called “images”

you are linking to something that doesn’t exist which is why it’s not working.

he he I didn’t realise it was case sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I see that you uploaded the HTML page again. It looks like the images have been uploaded correctly.

So let’s take a moment to look at your source.


Oops! Looks like the HTML source was designed to work on a Windows computer. You can tell because the paths to the images have backslashes in them.

You will need to edit all the HTML and CSS and change backslash \ to a slash /. The reason being is that the Web is designed to uses slashes, not backslashes, and DreamHost runs Linux on its computers, which uses slashes too:



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I am on a windows machine so the only problem was the case sensitive directory but now I have fixed the slash problem too :slight_smile: thanks everyone!