Can't install wordpress



I’ve been trying to install wordpress for 5 hours now. I used the 1 click install. I get an email saying its done and click on

It still shows it as parked.

its showing my domain folder in the root directory. The wordpress files show up in the domain folder.

tried this too… I changed the dbname, dbuser,dbpassword, and left db host as ‘localhost’ for the wp-config-sample.php file.

My wp-config.php file shows the correct entries for dbname, dbuser,dbpassword, and dbhost has the correct mysql.

I’ve looked thru it using dreamhost panel and cuteftp…

what am I missing here?


You say it shows up as parked; your domain, you mean? Have you changed the name servers and everything? It takes a few days to become active, if that’s the problem. I’m not sure what else the problem might be, but hopefully, someone else can help you if this isn’t the problem.



That was my problem. Thanks! I’ve obviously got a lot to learn.