Can't install Wordpress 1-click

I am a complete novice at this.

Trying to do custom install of Wordpress using Dreamhost 1-Click installation. I tried doing the simple install and couldn’t do that either because I don’t know what a subdomain is.

The first field tells me to enter a domain but won’t let me enter anything into the field box. Then I get an error message telling me to enter a URL.

What goes in the second field? I assume it’s Is that correct?

What am I doing wrong?

Stick with the custom install. But first you need to create a Fully Hosted Domain from the Manage Domains section of the panel.
Once that’s done, the custom install should present a dropdown menu of your hosted domains. Leave that second field blank so your blog is hosted at your site’s root, rather than a subdirectory like

Oh thank you so much to responding to my question!

The only thing I’m wondering about now is the “run this domain under the user” field. There is a drop down menu with "create new user: and another blank box that says “on segin” beside it.

Is it like a username? Do I just make something up?

You need to Create New User. This is the FTP account & Home Directory on the server named “segin.” I typically name my FTP user something resembles my domain name. Or “snowstander” if you really like that name.

Not to hijack this thread but what if your domain doesn’t come up in the drop-down menu? My domain transfered yesterday (yay) but i’m redirecting my domain to my old blog (own domain name + so I don’t lose traffic. is this the cause?

If the domain is set as a redirect, you can’t install anything to it yet! You’ll need to change it to fully hosted first, then you’ll be able to install WordPress.