Cant install PHPBB3

Hi… Trying to install PHPBB… But at the datebase install it says: Could not connect to the database, see error message below.
Access denied for user ‘zombiesweden’@‘’ (using password: YES)

I write evrything correctly but it still wont work… What am I doing wrong?

Is this the Easy Install, or Advanced One-Click install? It sounds to me like you’ve entered an incorrect database name, hostname, username, or password. Upon completion of the One-Click install, the “Robot” will email you with the proper settings to use. You won’t be using your FTP username and password to access the database.


I used the Advanced one. Becaus I gonna need to make some modifications to it later.

I entered the information correctly. I know becaus I copypasted it from the email. So… What could be wrong?

Go to the panel and check Goodies -> Manage MySQL.
Verify that the hostname is listed.
Verify that your database is listed.
Verify that the database has the proper User with Access.
Click on the User and check the current password.

Back on the Manage MySQL screen, try phpMyAdmin for the database and enter the username and password you just looked up.