Can't install phpbb

I created new user and new subdomain and tryed to install phpbb forum on it, but when I access install.php nothing happens, no errors of any kind, just blank screen… Tried it in firefox and IE same thing.

I installed this same forum on my main domain with no problems just few days ago, but I need it on subdomain :confused:

Can someone help me please?

sounds like something may have gone wrong with the one click install. I’d use the panel to remove the forum, and then try installing it again.

–Matttail - personal website

I wasn’t installing it with one click install. This is premodded forum with games, bbace v3.5

In the past for me, a blank page with PHP typically means that a file failed to be included with @require() or @include(). Maybe when you transfered to the subdomain one of your paths wasn’t updated.

You could use echo to try to step through the code on your main page to find out if the entire page is failing or if it’s just one part. For instance if you put an <?php echo "Test" ?> before ANYTHING else on your page you should be able to see if the page is working and if there is something going on wrong later in the page. (Instead of blank it should print Test).