Can't install help!

i install this !!

and all need 777 foler is real set to 777

[quote]but!! say need “777"
”/dh/cgi-syst"cant’ make htaccess
need 0777
"/dh/cgi-syst" cant’ make config.php
need 0777
"/dh/cgi-syst" cant’ make attach need
"/dh/cgi-syst" cant’ make cache need
"/dh/cgi-syst/skin" cant’ make
customize need 0777


but!!! folder is 777 !!!

error image

but folder is 777 !!

if there is already an htaccess and config.php etc inside the folders make sure the actual files have 777 permissions. If not this would prevent changes being made to these files.

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You’re not going to write anything outside of your user directory: /home/your_user_name/

I didn’t look at those scripts, but they should be asking you for path info or something.

You also won’t need to set anything to 777 once you get the paths right.

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