Can't increase VPS Disk size becuase says ram is over my limit

Hey Guys,

This is probably a silly question but I needed to increase my disk capacity from 60gb to 100gb for my website. I went to vps < Change Ram but I got this email from Dreamhost when I tried:

You asked us to resize your VPS () to 3380MB, but it was using 52661MB when we tried. We can’t shrink () below the amount of RAM that it’s using without rebooting it and we don’t like rebooting your servers without getting the okay from you first. If you want us to make the change anyway visit the panel and make sure you check the “FORCE” box in the panel under [VPS > Manage Resources]

I looked at the ram usage history and it is far below the 2gbs I’m allowed (Around 35mb). Should I just force reboot to reset everything and if I do will it have any ill effects?


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