Can't Get To Panel

It has been down for a long time now. What is going on?!

I hate making posts like this, but it’s working here :slight_smile:

Of-course, I am still getting the initial blank page displayed after log-in, but I’ve been getting that for months now with Firefox, hitting the ‘Go’ button brings the panel up fine.


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Yeah, what’s up with that blank page?

Also, could the panel problems be caused by the maintenance that was announced?

The panel has been up all morning in general. If you give me your domain and the exact panel page you were trying to go to I can test your exact case for you. Thanks! (full URL or description of form you submitted)

I’ve been trying to get to

I even tried the link from the DH home page but I just get ‘connected to…’ and it just keeps on loading. All the other DH pages work fine, other pages in FF and IE work fine so it’s a problem on your end.

Any ideas?

Have you ever been able to connect to the panel? or its this your first attempt? if you clear your cookies and try again does it work? do you ever even see the login page? thanks!

I’ve tried 5 or 6 times and I’ve cleared both my cookies and cache. I haven’t been able to connect to it in the past week or so. Someone mentioned something about maintenance and I’ve seen similar problems posted on the forum.

Like I said, it just keeps on loading but it never appears.

If you are a windows user you might want to close your browser and do a reboot. Then start your browser, clear your cache and check the cookie lists are clear of any or references and try again, but look out for any requests to accept the secure server certificate and then accept the certificate.


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Yeah, I actually performed that maintenance and it was on a backend database that the panel uses only for some pages, not on the panel servers or code itself. Can you send a traceroute to to support? Then I can look at that to see what’s up.

michael, since you’re monitoring this thread…

The panel is currently inaccesable to anyone whose browser isn’t set to allow connections to sites with expired SSL certs. This is because the cert expired today. Obviously this is a recent development.

fixed now.

The blank page has been tracked down to a mod_gzip error that was causing to crash on the first cookie reset after clearing a cookie. Please test for the blank page error to confirm, but the primary cause of this error has been resolved.

So this fix is in addition to the problem that was occurring this morning. The blank page on login error had been long standing and boy am I tentatively relieved that it is resolved.

I don’t like being the bearer of bad news Michael, but the blank page on log-in is still happening here, with both Firefox and IE6.


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A traceroute?

Seems down again!

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You have to keep trying. You may go through. Can’t even send an email to support, they email back telling you to use the panel. But, but, I can’t :frowning:

Ok, I have been reading these forums for a long time looking for a fix and looked at everything related and here is my conclusion:


It refuses to open up time and time again, it can take up to 3 hours to do a 5 minute edit.

And if I remember correctly, I’m PAYING for this service.

I stand slackjawed at some fo the suggestions been given to resolve this problem.

Reboot your PC… LOLOL!!!

Are you kidding me friend?

Why do i have to rebbot when I’m paying for a service advertised as WORLD CLASS… listen call it what ever you like, but you are not world class when the single most important feature about any web hosting account is it’s CONTROL PANEL —>>> DOES NOT WORK!

Seriously does Dreamhost ever think they can fix this?

Can you just please cut the crap and fix what you say you are selling?

Please, don’t take this the wrong way, but if I need to spend up to 3 hours to do a 5 minute edit, then on a completely different day, log in like greased lighting and not have any problems, you are asking me to trust a roll of the dice. Perhaps when it is time for me to pay my monthly bill, I will roll the dice… will I pay this month or “snake eyes”.

There is something very wrong with your system and something even more wrong with your tecth deparment.

Please resolve this ONGOING and SEVERE issue, once and for all.

And no Please do not tell me to re-set this or that, or reboot that and this or what ever!! It is a problem ON YOUR END, not on the end-users machine (That’s just so insulting), so fix it.

It’s not a problem with any of my other hosting providers, you just sing up, domain propagates and I never need to worry about anything because it all works. Every single time.

And when I say insulting! This is insulting my intelligence:

“Can’t even send an email to support, they email back telling you to use the panel.”

(Wich is why people are posting here, hey, not hard to work out is it).

Stop treating us like idiots. FIX YOUR SERVICE! It’s not good enought that it works for some and not for others when ever it feels like it.

I am having a similar problem here. The panel loads extremely slowly. Firefox or Safari 2.0.4 Mac, no gud.

So slow it really wants to time out (usually does). Not normal.

I contacted Support about the Panel not working in Foxfire last month, they blamed that on the recent upgrade Foxfire had done. Told me to delete cookies etc(as posted previously) guess what… it still doesnt work. So I had to revert to the dreaded EI… and guess what… it stinkin’ crawls like a snail.

I’ll give them a break on the panel issues this weekend as they are having major issues that seem to be effecting Everything! However, they clearly have a panel issue that they havent addressed or at least let us know about.

My panel is back to working status. Thanks guys.

Hope everyone else is up now too.