Can't get to my WP-admin page after one click installation

I’ve added a new fully hosted domain in Dreamhost called Then I installed wordpress using the one click installation. After a successful installation I received an email with links to my wp-admin pages. First was the But when I click it the browser can’t find the page, what’s wrong? The error message in Firefox is “Server not found”. The same happens with all the other links in the email as well.

using the DNS tool I’m not seeing that your DNS for this domain seems to exist anywhere.

Attempting to lookup the domain registration at Norid seems to indicate the domain is not even registered.

OK, thanks. Now I’ve registered my domain with the norwegian registrar I couldn’t use the registration in Dreamhost because they don’t offer .no domains. But what’s the next step to get my dreamhost hosting to understand that the domain is registered? Or can I somehow move the registration to dreamhost? I’m a real newbe to all this :slight_smile:

Log in to and set the domains nameservers to

There will be a propagation delay after you make this change, just give it time to take effect. Not sure how long, but 12-72 hours, but most likely under 24 hours.

Super! So easy when you know what to do - thanks a lot! :smiley: