Can't get my EPP/Auth code

Hello everybody,
I’ve tried from Dreamhost panel to retrieve my Auth code for some domains I need to transfer but I can’t receive any e-mails with the Auth Code (they are not revealed on the page itself).

Anybody faced the same problem? I’ve tried contacting support by they say I must whitelist the domain (actually I did without success)

Many thanks

Panel → Domains → Reg. Transfer

Scroll to bottom of page and Click the blue (sly) link labelled
Or transfer away from DreamHost

Click Reveal Auth Code next to the domain you want to transfer.

Hello sXi,
thanks for your reply but unfortunately the domains I need to transfer only permit to send the Auth Code by email - I click the button on the reg. transfer page but the mail never reach my inbox.

Any help?

Attached here screenshot: Auth Code can’t be revealed

Other domains are fine

I’ve never seen the Send Auth Code option on domains here.

First, check to ensure they’re not locked
Panel → Domains → Registrations

Then contact support via panel and ask them to send you the codes in the support ticket reply.
Panel → Support → Contact Support

Hello sXi,
I finally get through the problem after many e-mails with the support. I write it down here hope this can help other people: I had to re-confirm my whois data from Dreamhost panel ( Panel → Domains → Registrations ) as sXi pointed out.

After the confirmation I wait a bit and pressed the “Send Auth Code” again and finally received all in my email.

Thanks so much for the help and to Dreamhost support for the patience for sure :slight_smile:

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