Can't Get Mojo Mail Backup to Work

I’m attempting to use included with Mojo Mail 2.7.1. I try running it from a command line and I get nothing – no errors, no messages, no backup, nothing.

Permissions appear to be set correctly. The backup directory exists. Paths to the proper directories are set correctly.

The only thing that’s questionable, although I believe I have it right, is the following:

[quote]=item Where are your perl Libraries?

Since this script is supposed to be run via a cron job, (although it
will work fine using from the command line) you usually have to type
the entire path to your Perl Libraries.


use lib ‘/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/’;


use lib qw(
I also have the following turned on, but still get nothing when I run the script:

[quote]=item Echo?

Finally, if you run this script interactively quite a bit, you may want
to have a copy of the report printed out in the terminal, so you can
figure out what’s going on, just set this variable to 1;


my $echo_log = 0;



my $echo_log = 1;[/quote]
Anybody have any ideas? Anyone have this set up and have it running correctly?