Can't get into web panel (cannot contact support)

I have my web panel restricted to my IP. The authorization expired and I need to reauthorize the IP. So I entered my account email address (not an address hosted or associated with DH) and waited.

That was a couple days ago. I tried again today and no email shows up. I logged into my webmail and verified the email was neither in my inbox nor spam filter.

Since the web panel is not sending my auth email, I can’t login and submit a support request regarding it. I’ve had it this way for quite some time, but this is the first time the web panel wont send the auth email.

How can I get ahold of DH to fix this?

Try this:


Yeah, the links for tech support and the note “Current customers should click here!” take you to the panel. The rest is just sales.

I found an old support email and replied to it, and I got a response.

For future reference – if you really can’t get into the panel at all, you can either create a sales inquiry from the contact page, or just email directly.

Thanks. It used to be if you emailed support directly it would just bounce. I wasn’t sure if DH had gotten big enough that sales wouldn’t do anything.

Emailing support directly won’t bounce unless the email address is unfamiliar to us. As long as it’s an address we have on file for your account, it’ll work.