Can't get into my homepage. most basic advice needed!



I’m new to all this. My website is hosted by DreamHost but registered at

I’ve tried to follow the initial DreamHost instructions (such as: go here to manage/post to your blog: but whenever I try to log in, I am redirected to instead of my page. Then all I can do is fiddle with my domain registration admin.

Help! (I’m not even sure how to ask the question I want an answer too)



Have you logged into and set your nameservers to, and ? When i look your domain up using a public whois server it doesn’t appear that you have made these entries.


Thanks. I’ve done that and am waiting for the changes to update.

If it works and I can start making a little progress, then I think I might need to read some basic tutorials.



Looks like the changes are coming your way, my dns server is seeing the change now. Depending on where you are it may take a little longer for the DNS progagation to reach your part of the world.