Can't get FTP login to work

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on my site here -about a year.
There are so many log-in user names and passwords required;
this Forum; admin-panel; WebFTP; email; and what-all…
that I have never been able to keep all of them straight.

I can successfully log in to these forums and I can successfully log in to my
"" pages. From there I can get to the “Manage Domains” and I can click on the FTP choices but when the AJAX log-in box comes up, nothing I try in there - of ALL the things I have written down for various log-ins here at dreamhost and wordpress - NOTHING works to get me logged in for using FTP.

(Pointless Gripe: Why do there have to be so many different log-ins here at dreamhost? The very first set of instructions that came by email when I first got set up here - was almost impossible to decipher. Right from the start I was guessing about what to use to log in to different parts of my site / this whole complicated system. And getting logged in to FTP was ALWAYS hit or miss even back when I worked on my site all the time. It’s always driven me crazy).

The error I keep on getting when I try to log in with AJAX for FTP, is cannot find user" There aren’t that many user names for me to try -seriously, so come on now!

Should the username be an email address (I’ve not been using one there).
Is the FTP username different than the admin-panel user name?

Maybe it’s the other boxes in the AJAX log-in that are the real problem rather than the username? Do I have to put in the server name? What about the PORT? Do I have to put in a port number? Can I just use nair-al-saif there or do I use the option?
Does it matter if I leave the “ACTIVE” set to “NO”?

Hey, here’s a thought - are there INSTRUCTIONS that I could read somewhere that would answer these questions for me?

I don’t see anyplace to change passwords or to get help if I don’t remember a password. Almost every site in the whole internet universe offers an option if you don’t remember your user name or don’t remember your password,
but I don’t see anything like that here …

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I found a link to some instructions while hunting through the forums here
and that gave me the way to change my password in the "Manage Users"
area. (

Then I used the new password for the FTP and it worked.