Can't get domain to point to hosting

Hi guys,

I just purchased a domain and a VPS server from Dreamhost.

I am trying to get my domain name to point towards the VPS hosting, however I am getting the following error:

“You can’t add that domain: Promotional and referral accounts are for new customers only. This domain was previously in our system and cannot be added to your promo or referred account. If you would like to upgrade to a full price plan, please contact support.”

I only just purchased this domain so it should not have previously been on Dreamhost’s system as far as I am aware, and as far as I am aware I did not use any promotions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For that error message you will have to contact support, so that they can override. It sounds like, someone else had that domain on an account at dreamhost in the somewhat recent past. What the workflow prevents is a user constantly registering new accounts with promo pricing, and moving domains in from an account that is expiring. Unfortunately there is no way for the system to detect “this it is just a coincidence”.

Unfortunately it looks like dreamhost is getting hosed with a DDoS attack at this very moment. That is going to put support way way behind on a mountain of tickets, your most likely not going to get this cleared up quickly.