Can't get a reply from DreamHost


I registered on the shared hosting plan last sunday. I’ve already been billed but no confirmation email ever showed up, nor has Dreamhost replied to any of my queries. At this point I don’t know whether I’m a client or not — the login has never worked, and each attempt to reset the password has failed to turn up an email. I’m sure the email is right because otherwise the system would tell me it doesn’t exist.

Can anyone help?

Hi there,

I apologize for the delay in response! If you can supply a support ticket# or domain name on the account we can look into the status right away! If you are not able to log into the panel please contact our account verification team here and use the “I’ve forgotten my password” option.

Matt C

Thanks for the reply. I have done that several times. I would send you the account details but I’m not able to use the private message system in this forum.