Can't FTP


When I use my FTP client (Transmit) and when I use the web FTP interface, I login fine but can’t upload. Transmit says it’s a -140 error (which means nothing to me).

Any ideas?


Has it worked before? Is this a brand new domain? Which directory are you trying to upload to? I’m just guessing it’s a permissions issue.

I also suggest that you set Transmit to use SFTP and make sure your user has SSH access. It’s more secure this way and SFTP gives you better access.



Hi Scott!

It’s never worked, and it’s a brand-new domain.

I will set Transmit to use SFTP and SSH. Thanks for the tip.


Since it’s brand new, it’s possible that DNS hasn’t fully propagated yet.

In the mean time, you can SFTP to the listed in the Panel: Users->Manage Users