Can't ftp to subdomain


I used the one-click to create a drupal subdomain (I did not buy a second domain). The setup asked me to setup a subdomain.

I can ftp to using my username/password.
The directory is: /

The subdomain is not there.
How do I log into the subdomain?
The username/password does not work.


Your problem is doing a one-click install of Drupal. The only option for Drupal is simple install. This means that you do not have control of any of the files and you cannot alter the themes and modules as the files are not held under your account. If you want to use Drupal and be able to customize it yourself you will need to do your own manual install of it (or get someone to do it for you :wink: ). I’m willing to negotiate :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will give it a try.