Can't forward to

I was trying to set up an email address in Dreamhost, to forward to a email address. I get the error message “Cannot forward to” (or something like that).

I was wondering why this cannot be done, and is there any way around it, short of making my client use a different email? Or at least if I know why, I can explain it to them, and then get them to use something else.

Comcast might be blocking email from DreamHost.

Insist they use their email address because replying from to an email that was addressed to is unprofessional. Or something :slight_smile:

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It’s an old Status post. Comcast and AOL are really heavy-handed in dealing with spam and blacklist anything in the path. Hence, DreamHost is tired of being blacklisted by them and disabled forwards.


Is there any chance that DreamHost would try again? My base is almost 25%, and there is no way I can get them all to change (I’d like to, though). I also have a loan AOL client. Can you get at least Comcast to enter you into their acceptable email providers table? They cannot do this to gmail or outlook or other biggies. Their MUST be a way other than blocking, to get this done?

Or, could you provide some other mechanism for emailing to a list?

I have a large investment in DreamHost and really like the service. But I’ve gotta serve my clients.

Any help appreciated!

Pete A