Can't find web site

Arrgh. I seem to recall that I ran into this once in the past, but can’t recall how it got fixed, or find a forum post with a solution.

  1. Installed some forum software within my web space.
  2. Registered a new domain name elsewhere.
  3. Domain name uses Dreamhost DNS servers.

I thought that the various settings were right, but instead of opening the web site, I get a semi-error page: is almost here! Upload your website to get started.

  • the website initially lived at mydomain/vanilla/
  • I have since copied it one level up to the top level into a new folder

I’ve added the new domain name in the Control panel at Dreamhost, and have set:
Web directory: /home/username/

Which is exactly how two other domains are configured.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’ve missed.

All I want to do is type “” into my browser and have it open up the forum software in a specific folder.