Can't find server

Hello! Very new to websites and trying to move my wordpress blog site over to my new domain. I have (I think) successfully created a database and installed the one-click wordpress on there, but when I visit my email to complete this and I click on the links in the email but each time they say they cannot find the server (of my website). I think I have missed a step somewhere although everything looks OK on my account (I set it up yesterday so there should be enough time for all the settings to take effect). Can anyone tell me where to start in terms of figuring out why my server isn’t found? What might I be doing wrong? Probably you will need more info from me or have me check something on my site, I am happy to do that, just let me know what you need to know. Thank-you so much for helping out a newbie!

It may still be DNS propagation that you are waiting on.

To find out (windows instructions appear below):
1- open a command window (start button and type cmd on vista or win7; start->run-> cmd on XP or before)
2- in the command window type "nslookup"
3- take the IP address from the last line of the results and do a second nslookup… i.e. "nslookup"
4- If your computer is reaching the dreamhost server that line will say " (SERVERNAME should be the name of your server.)

If you are not reaching your server on dreamhost you might want to go to your domain on the “manage domains” page of the panel and click DNS, then on the next page click the “GO” button to refresh the domains DNS.