Can't find my uploaded files

Okay, so I’ve been searching all day long on how to see my uploaded files. I know you have to upload them to the folder, but when I logged in with ftp, that folder wasn’t there. I don’t know if the guy I’m doing this for deleted it or what.

I then created the folder ( and uploaded them to that, but it’s still not showing. Am I doing something wrong? Do your uploaded files not show up right away? Pretty crappy if they don’t…

I don’t know how it works but unless your admin (I assume you are a sub-user from what you say) re-mapped his links, your ftp user will go to a different folder… from what I’ve said, you can tell I’m not too sure ^_^;;

Did you use the Domains > Add Domain part of your Dreamhost control panel to set up the domain you have registered? If so, the folder should be set up automatically.


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