Can't find .htaccess file


Hi everyone. I’m having trouble locating my .htaccess file. I currently have a long list of password protected directories on my site which I usually manage through the control panel. Now I’m hoping to link that information to a Flash login dialogue, but I can’t seem to find the file. I’m aware of having to unhide hidden files in my FTP program, but it doesn’t seem to be there (although I can see other hidden files). I did manage to find .htaccess and .htpasswd files in my logs directory, but those seem to be referring only to accessing the logs. Any ideas would be much appreciated… Thanks!


Have you tried logging into WebFTP and seeing if you can find it through there? (Just worked for me)


Yeah, I tried that. I don’t get why it’s just not there… Thanks anyway…


Ok, obviously I suck at .htaccess… One of the nice DH support guys told me that there are actually several .htaccess files, each contained in the respective directories that they are protecting. I’m about to try to figure out a way to create a single .htaccess file that sits at the root so I can call to it from a flash login dialogue… Should be interesting…


Sounds complicated. Good luck! Sorry I wasn’t more of a help.