Can't find cgi-bin

I am a new customer and am very familiar with CGI and Perl, however when logging into FTP I find myself unable to find a CGI bin of any sort. I do know that Dreamhost according to its terms and conditions allows people to run their own scripts providing it does not hamper server resources. My question is if just doing a “MkDir” would do just fine or if there already is a CGI-Bin that I simply cannot find. Thanks for your help.

I had to add my own, I just created a new folder and named it cgi-bin.

Dreamhost does not require that scripts be placed in a directory named ‘cgi-bin’; a script can be placed anywhere provided CGI has been enabled for the web service and that you have chmod’ed the file to 755.

Feel free to make your own though, and don’t forget to place in an index.html file or an .htaccess file with the following line:
Options -Indexes
This will tell Apache not to provide a directory listing if someone browses to

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