Can't figure out FTP information



I’ve installed a WordPress blog to one of my domains. Now I’m trying to get a piece of software to work that will allow me to automate much of my blog updating, maintenance, etc. So far I have been unsuccessful. I think it’s because I don’t understand exactly how to fill in certain information that the software asks for. Here is what it requires:

Blog Name: (OK, I understand this. Like “My Great Blog”)

Blog URL: (I understand this, too. Like

Blog Username: (Pretty sure this is just the WordPress username that I use to enter the blog as administrator.)

Blog Password: (Ditto for this.)

FTP Host: (Not sure. Would it be simply - or something else? Like something with “dreamhost” in the name? Does it need to have “ftp” in the name, like

FTP Folder: (Not sure. Would it be just “/” ? Or / ? Or something else entirely?)

FTP Username: (I understand this. It’s the FTP username I set up in Dreamhost.)

FTP Password: (Ditto.)

BLOG IP: (Through Google I found a website that lets you enter a domain name, which it translates into the IP address for you. So I was able to find the IP number for my blog site. I assume it’s correct.)

That’s it. I’ve tried various combinations of these elements but can’t get it to work. The program I’m trying to use gives me error messages indicating that it can’t connect to my site.

Any help, esp. with regard to the proper format of the FTP paths, etc., will be appreciated.

  • Steve


Hopefully it’s the advanced One-Click, and not the easy-install (Can’t FTP to the Easy Install sites). And hopefully that user has FTP enabled. You’d have to check the Panel and Edit that user to find out.

FTP host would just be (the www in front will also work)
Folder would be /

The rest you seem to have correct.



Thanks, Scott, for the help. I’m more confident now that I am using the correct settings. And yes, I did use the advanced install for WordPress.

The errors I’m now getting whenever I try to use the software in question seem to center on a missing(?) file in my WordPress installation, compat.php. For example, one message says:

Warning: require(/home/.boa/stephensmith/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/.boa/stephensmith/ on line 200

(That’s not the actual name of my blog; I just changed it here for security’s sake.)

If anyone knows what this all means, I would be grateful.



Googling for: wordpress compat.php
turns up several hits. Have you read through them?



I did Google for this, but nothing that I read was very helpful to me.

I contacted support for the software I’m trying to make work. So far their only response has been that no other user has had this problem, but they promised to look into it further. They asked me, “On which system are you installing? Linux?” I told them I don’t know but would check. So, can someone tell me, does Dreamhost use Linux? Or something else?


It’s Debian Linux.



Thanks again.

I have passed that information onto support for the software in question.