Cant enter dreamhost cPanel

my connection when trying to enter dreamhost cPanel gets broken, how can I fix it?

Also i got problems with connecting to filezilla, where can i find the right username and domain?

One last thing, when trying to get support on cPanel I get stuck on the “test” page, any other way to reach support?

You can read on that they had a problem.

If the panel (not cPanel, as that’s some other software), seems broken, try a different browser. Or check status, as already posted.

With Filezilla, you’ll connect to a user listed in your Manage Users section. The domain doesn’t matter much as long as it’s one you’ve set up here. They’re all on the same server. You can also click on Account Status in the upper right of the panel to get your web server name, then connect to

A backup method to contact support is here: