Cant display non English languages in email?

I have built a contact form using the code on the form mail page ( and it works fine… except…

I get people contacting me in a wide variety of languages, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, Korean and several others as well as English.

When the contact form is sent to my email address Latin based languages are Ok…(Like Spanis, French, Italian)

If someone fills it in in a non Latin based language (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean Thai etc) All I recieve is a string of random characters which are unreadable…

My sites have several languages on them and I use:

Which enables me to display any language on my site.

Can anyone help me out with this?
How do I incorporate something into my contact form code to enable non English languages to display in my email.
(I use the supplied wemail and also forward to gmail, gmail has no probs displaying non English languages but as it is forwarded from my webmail it is still just a random string of characters and thus unreadable)

It works fine apart from the unreadable emails…

I desperately need to be able to read the contact forms sent to me in those languages…

Any ideas?


UTF8 does help on multi language environment when you do the proper setup, generally there are few things you need to do.

1.Check your script language to make sure your PHP or ASP write right encoding chars into DB
2.Make sure your DB and DB connection support certain chars set.
3.Make your mail server send email by using right char set.
4.Make sure your client have all those chars support.