Can't Delete Logs


I deleted all my domains, mysql databases and everything purposefully to clean everything out…except when I try to delete


it gives me an error and says I don’t have permission to delete them. How can I delete these logs?

Is there a way to perform a master reset on the entire account so it’s just like when I first moved to dreamhost?


You can’t delete the logs, as you discovered - they belong to DreamHost.

If you really want them deleted, you can contact support and ask them to “reset” them for you, but I’m not sure why you would need/want to do that - as long as you have not added additional log storage to your account the logs do not count against your quota. :wink:



Thanks, I just contacted support, hopefully they can but that is weird, the first host I’ve been with that didn’t allow me to delete logs. Hmmmm…


Yeah … I understand why they need to retain access to them, and one would think they were backed up somwhere else and only “copied” to your directories - so they wouldn’t care what you did with those copies. :wink: