Cant delete Folders


In my directory at dreamhost, there are some folders I just cant delete whatever I do

They are folders I had created but now even after setting them to chmod 777 I still cant delete them, the contents of all the folders are deleted but then the folders remain.

Can someone help shed some light into why this may be happening?


This is fairly common.

You probably have an .htaccess file in your directory.

Most FTP programs default to NOT showing hidden files. If you go into your menu and change this, you should be able to delete your directory.

Good luck!


There’s probably a hidden file inside the directory. You should be able to set your FTP client to show hidden files, and then you will most likely be able to delete the directory.

If that doesn’t work out for you, you possibly can accomplish it through ssh. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing how to do that.



thanks :smiley:

worked like a charm!

Thank you so much


I have checked my directories for hidden .htacces files, but I do not see them. I can’t delete the folders or change the permissions on them. Any answers? I am open to ssh.