Can't delete files via FTP


When using the default FTP user created at account creation I’m unable to delete files using an FTP client (FileZilla) or the WebFTP application - I get a 550 error, “Permission denied”.

I verified owner permissions on the file I’m trying to delete, and it had “Read” and “Write” checked. Switching from active to passive in my FTP client also has no effect.

Anyone know what this is all about? Does it have anything to do with uploading the files via WebDAV (MacOS) and then trying to delete via FTP or WebFTP? I can upload fine with FTP or WebFTP, just can’t delete or modify the files.



Bingo. Can’t use both WebDAV and FTP at the same time. Also, deleting files has to do with the permissions on the directory. Files uploaded by WebDAV are owned by ‘dhapache’ so you can’t modify them using FTP either.

:cool: -//-


Darn. Hate it when my hunches play out ;-).

Thanks for the quick response - I’ll fix that this weekend!


Use SSH to login and delete the files.


As Atropos7 said, they’re owned by dhapache, so you can’t SSH in and delete them. You’ll run into the same problem that FTP had.



so… what do you do? especially if you already have uploaded files, how do you get rid of them, given they were uploaded with some client that screwed up the permissions? what client should be used to avoid this problem (webftp has very restrictive file size limits at least in my case)


Just transfer files via S/FTP client.

OP was having trouble trying to mix and match WebDav with FTP.

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