Can't delete empty folders via FTP

Hey everyone. I’ve looked in the forum for anything similar to what I’m encountering, but have not found anything.

Here’s the story so far: I had installed Gallery2 on a domain, then decided I wanted to try something else, so I wanted to unintstall it. Since it was the only database on that domain, I deleted the db that Gallery was using by doing so on the DH control panel.

My next step was to delete the folders on that domain with IE explorer FTP. I login to my FTP acct, and proceed to delete the folders. The problem is when I go to delete the folders, I keep getting “error 550… Make sure you have permisson to access this folder…directory not empty.”

The folders are empty and I’ve logged into the server using my DH username and password. What else do I need to login to, or what permissions am I not setting? Is there a better way to do this? Any thoughts?

Thanks for any responses.

make sure you have SSH access.
Download the program called putty.
log in.
the cd to the directory with the folder.
type this in without quotes and parenthesis - “rm -Rf (folder name)”

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Shell access will work, or you need to use an FTP client that you can set so you can view hidden files.

The problem is that there is a hidden file in the directory, so when you try and delete the folder, it comes back and says “folder not empty”

Do becareful with using the shell command becuase there’s no trash bin or anything of the sort. When you do “rm -r” it’s gone gone gone. (you can copy from your .snapshot directory if you need too resotre)


Thanks, I’ll give it a try and see how things work.