Can't Delete Directory


I am having trouble with my FTP program lately…
My server is cluttered with files and folders and my biggest problem is trying to delete a directory by my FTP Program. (I use SmartFTP)

Whenever I try to delete a big directory or even a little one with files or more folders in it I get this error from my ftp program:
"[color=#CC0000]550 directoryname: Directory not empty[/color]"

Also I am getting PHP Errors while using DreamHost’s WebFTP like:
“Warning: ftp_rmdir(): /directory/that/cannot/be/deleted/c-client: Directory not empty in /usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/includes/ on line 363”

Can anyone help? I am just a bit confused…

You can go on the hidden file hunt, as BobS suggested. With my FTP program, I have it set to show hidden files.

Or I do it the quick and dirty way:
Telnet or SSH into your account and go to the parent directory.
The command line to forcibly delete a directory and all its contents is:

And be very careful with this, as if you type in the wrong directory, it’ll delete it all without a care in the world.


Much thanks. : )

Thank you!